A man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of Cornwall...but this time they realise they're not alone. Who said nothing ever happens on Sunday?  



Writer / Director David Lea comes from a back ground in film, photography, fine art, writing, animation and generally creating the merry hell out of stuff. 

He first won acclaim in 2002 when 'Half Life', a short film he co-directed for Greenpeace, won First Prize and Special Jury Prize at the young Advertising Awards in Cannes.

He went on to direct award winning music promos for Artists such as The Offspring, Emiliana Torrini and was nominated for Best VFX at the MTV music video awards for his work on the Radiohead Promo 'There, There'. His last short film 'Storage' (staring Tom Hughes - Cemetery Junction, About Time) premiered at the 66th Venice International Film Festival before screening at festivals around the world.

Davids other award winning work- including short films, docs and art/design, can be viewed at his website: