ON SUNDAY is a film half a decade in the making - returning to Cornwall to shoot on location in his home town and painstakingly post produced in the weekends and evenings over the next 5 years, it is director David Lea's paean to the science fiction films of his childhood.

"My Previous film 'Storage'  dealt with a serious subject matter so came with the challenge of respecting that whilst creating an engaging narative.  'On Sunday' was intended as a palete cleanser. I wanted to make a short Sci-fi - something simple that was not completly led by VFX.  The process needed to be quick and fun...it was fun at times but the process was far from quick" 

David had put aside two months to tackle this project, but when faced with the technical aspects of the VFX he realised he was going to need a bigger boat. 

"Although I had some help along the way I ended up doing around 90% of the production myself and quickly realised I'd no idea how to create most of the VFX needed to tell the story. I was then faced with a steep learning curve and spent the next 4 years getting my head around the six new computer packages I needed to be able to finish the film."
"in many way this film is a thank you to my Dad, who actually features in the film. Way back in 1984 he hand built a cabin bed for my bedroom and underneath this, made from wood, flashing lights and copper piping he'd constructed a spaceship cockpit. I was 6 years old and via fuzzy VHS's already indoctrinated in the ways of the force, last star fighters and Xenomorphs - my dad used to censor the scary bits by recording Sunday Cricket over them. The finished cabin bed was a fledgling geek's dream come true.
31 years later I thought it was past time to repay the favour and build him his very own spaceship"